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Nikolai Astrup and Jølster

Redaktør/forfattar: Lofnes, Solveig Berg

ISBN: 9788282401524

Utgitt: 2019

Målform/språk: Engelsk

Innbinding: Mjukbind med klaff

Sidetal: 72

Mål/vekt: 17 x 27 cm / 298 g

Serie: Selja Reise & Kultur

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Nikolai Astrup (1880-1928) is seen as one of the most significant and well-loved of Norway’s artists. Most of his pictures portray his home village of Jølster surrounded by powerful nature, luxuriant blooming plants, old farmsteads, and people at work. Astrup was a central painter in the west of Norway: rich in his use of colour, intense, mystical, and gripping. Astruptunet, the home and smallholding farm of the artist, is a museum today.

This guide tells about the life and art of Nikolai Astrup, about Astruptunet, and about Jølster in Astrup’s time. The guide contains over 100 illustrations, including at least 40 of Nikolai Astrup’s most important artworks, both paintings and woodcarvings. Join us for an artistic journey into Jølster!

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