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Selja (engelsk utgåve)

Redaktør/forfattar: Djupedal, Torkjell

ISBN: 9788282400527

Utgitt: 2012

Målform/språk: Engelsk

Innbinding: Mjukbind

Sidetal: 32

Mål/vekt: 17x26 cm / 157 g

Serie: Selja reise & kultur

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No one comes to Selja without wonderment. And nobody leaves from there without having been emotionally stirred. This small island just to the south of Stad has a unique complex of ruins in a unique landscape.

Already A.D. 996, Selja became the first saint’s location in the country, and associated with St. Sunniva. Around 1068, Selja became one of the first three dioceses in the country, along with Oslo and Nidaros. Around year 1100, Selja got one of the first abbeys in the country, consecrated to St. Albanus. The monastery tower still remains in its full height in the complex of ruins, which include as well the large terraces in the hillside in front of Sunnivahola. This guide tells the story of Selja, about St. Sunniva, the legend and the pilgrimage, and takes you along on a stroll in the complex of ruins.

Lavishly illustrated with photos, drawings and maps.

Kr 98,00

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