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Gulatinget (engelsk utgåve)

Redaktør/forfattar: Ingvaldsen, Siri

ISBN: 9788282400510

Utgitt: 2012

Målform/språk: Engelsk

Innbinding: Stivbind

Sidetal: 104

Mål/vekt: 17x27 cm / 525 g

Serie: Selja reise & kultur

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Gulatinget is one of the oldest regional thing sites in Norway, probably established by Harald Hårfagre in the late 800s or early 900s. The original thing site was in Eivindvik in Gulen, in the middle of the West Norwegian coast, and near the inlet to Sognefjorden. Later the thing probably was moved to Flolid where a thing park has been created, which also is designated as a millennium site for Sogn og Fjordane. The thing system was the first step towards politically organized power sharing in Norway and became a significant source of inspiration for modern democracy. There is a direct line from Gulatingslova to the National Constitution of 1814.

This book narrates the history of Gulatinget and Gulatingslova in the Viking Period and early Middle Ages. At the same time, it is a cultural and historical guide to the two thing sites Eivindvik and Flolid. 

The book is generously illustrated with photos and maps.

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